Case Study Cryofarm

Challenge: MRI Storage

Delays in the MRI supply chain, for example caused by construction and transportation delays as well as customs clearance, were driving up costs for our customers. MRIs are filled with liquid helium which turns into a gas, and thus escapes the magnet, if not kept at a very low temperature (-457 Fahrenheit) during storage. Due to a worldwide helium shortage refilling MRIs with helium is very costly.


Our customers needed a solution for temporary MRI storage in case of supply chain disruptions. Also, as the pre-owned, refurbished MRI business has picked up over the last years, a MRI storage solution for refurbishment and resale was required as well.

Solution: State-of-the-Art MRI Cooling (Cryofarm)

Cryofarm MRI Cooling MRI Storage Chicago ILHegele Logistic took on the planning and building of am MRI cryofarm for up to 27 MRIs at their suburban Chicago headquarters. Using state-of-the-art technologies, Hegele Logistic designed the process for receiving, loading, and connecting the 3-7 tons heavy magnets to the cryofarm.To avoid helium loss and thus additional costs for our customers, the process was designed as efficiently and also as safely as possible to protect the multimillion-dollar-equipment from damages. Movements of the equipment have been minimized and minor repairs and refurbishment can be done while the magnet is connected to the cryofarm. 24/7 monitoring of key operating parameters allows our staff to react as soon as possible to any potential irregularities of the MRI systems.

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