Case Study Warehousing

Challenge: Improper Handling of Goods Resulted in Damages

Our customer, a manufacturer of transformers, was dissatisfied with their current logistics provider for several reasons. The amount of damages to their products during transit had increased rapidly while communication between service provider and customer was on the decline. Damages occurred not only due to improper handling of the sensitive goods but also due to incorrect and insufficient packing. Moreover, the logistics provider failed to communicate loss and damages to our customer.


Our customer required a warehousing and transportation solution tailored to their specific product requirements for handling, packing, and shipping. In addition, our customer was not only looking for a plain service provider but for a reliable partner who values close relationships and continuous communication with their clients.

Solution: Customized Solution in Compliance with Packing Instructions

Based on numerous in-depth conversations with our customer, we evaluated their current situation and delivered a customized proposal in compliance with packing, handling, and shipping instructions provided. As an experienced logistics provider for high-tech equipment, we were able to prevent damage due to proper handling and by working according to our customers specifications. Furthermore, we reviewed existing packing guidelines and put forward our ideas for enhancement. Communication has been streamlined by allocating an account manager to the customer, resulting in continuous communication and a close customer relationship. We strive to continuously improve and optimize current processes together with our customer.