Case Study Repair and Service

Challenge: Finding the Right Business Partner in the U.S.

Having just won a RFQ for a major global account with a big volume in the USA our Germany-based customer was looking for a reliable, local partner to supply their newly gained client. Our customer did not have a presence in the U.S. and was not planning to establish one. A solution had to be implemented short-term in order to meet their clients’ needs.


Our customer needed a U.S. partner to ship, receive, roll out, service, and repair their electronic devices without having to found a subsidiary on site.

Solution: Highly Customized Concept According to Customer Needs

Service and Repair Center Chicago ILIn close cooperation with our customer we created a highly customized concept to launch a roll-out, repair, and service and training center. Hegele Logistic serves as the direct interface between our customer and their client in the U.S. As the main point-of-contact for troubleshooting and repairs, we provide technical support directly for our customer’s client. Furthermore, Hegele handles the receiving, shipping, customs clearance, and return management. We maintain a close relationship with our customer in Germany through constant communication such as sending frequent repair statistics. In order to offer expert services on behalf of our customer, we received extensive one-on-one training at their headquarters in Germany.